Travel To Oman From Nigeria Step By Step Guide

This write-up Travel to Oman from Nigeria step by step guide is focusing on telling an intending traveller to the Sultanate of Oman all you need to know to have a hitch-free trip and the type of precautions to follow to enable you to have a successful stay in Oman


Sultanate of Oman is an Arab country located on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. An Arab country situated in the desert with no trees. A small country with a population of about 3,090,150. Oman is not far from the following countries namely, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Qatar, Bahrain and The United Arab Emirates.

Although she may not be as rich as some of the nearby countries such as Qatar, The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, Oman by all standards is a wealthy country. In the current global ranking of the World Richest and Poorest Countries, Oman is in an enviable position of number 30th, which is considered appropriate.

Despite being in a volatile region of the Middle East, Oman is a safe place to be. Most violent crimes bedevilled the region such as terrorism and war are absent in Oman. Political upheavals and unrest are not common.

Generally, Omani are peaceful people, however, there were some serious complaints from African immigrants mostly women living and working in Oman of maltreatment from their employers. Some Nigerian females workings are constantly complaining of rape and inhumane treatment from Omani citizens. They usually work long hours with little remunerations, and they don’t have an established Union to complain to.

Currently, most Arab countries are hostile to African immigrants workers with negative experiences such as rapes, killings, maltreatment by employers,  low wages,  poor feeding etc. It is advisable that before you decide to leave for Oman please do your research very carefully and know exactly what you are going to obtain in Oman.

In order to travel to Oman from Nigeria the first step is to apply for a passport. Then process Omani visa. The type of business or activity you intend to go for in Oman dictate the type of visa you will apply for.

For complete details on how to get an Oman visa in Nigeria read to get an Oman visa in Nigeria and for further reading on Omani visa go to to introduce a new visa system from August 21st, 2018.

Getting an Omani visa is not difficult if you get their requirements especially if you have a sponsor.

Various types of Airlines operate flights from Nigeria to Oman. You have the freedom of going with any of the following Airlines:
1. Emirates with one stopover, Lagos to Muscat USD744
2. Qatar with one stopover, Lagos to Muscat USD754
3. Ethiopian with one stopover, Lagos to Muscat USD760
4. Oman with one stopover, Lagos to Muscat USD860
5. Etihad with one stopover Lagos to Muscat USD967
Please note that the earlier you make your booking the cheaper the flight ticket.

1. Oman is strictly an Islamic country, sharia law is the legal system. If you deal in prohibited drugs the outcome is jail or death. Therefore, avoid drugs.
2. Always dress decently or modestly. If you’re dressing loosely you’re insulting their tradition and it may not be taken lightly.
3. Avoid eating in the open during Ramadan fasting.
4.  If you’re a homosexual man or woman keep away from Oman, the act could earn you instant jail or death.
5. Avoid been drunk especially in public, you will be punished.
6. Respect their political system, it’s against the law to insult their rulers.



When you secure an Oman visa and you’re getting ready to travel, please note these important points:
1. Be sure you understand the CABLE Visa: In most cases, the first-time traveller to Oman usually obtain their visa through the assistant of an Agent. If you’re one of them please endeavour to read the cable visa and understand the contents. If you plan to travel for employment purposes, and your cable visa is written in a language you don’t understand, do not travel without getting a person who is an expert in that language to explain it to you. Inquire about the type of visa. For example, there is a difference between a work visa and a tourist.

2. If you’re going for employment and travel with a visiting or tourist visa please note that it may be practically impossible to extend the visa on expiration. Unless there is a concrete assurance from your sponsor.

3. Unrenewable visa may transform you into an illegal immigrant with no right to change employment, therefore making you a slave to your employer. Some wicked employers derived jobs in having a female slave because of added benefits.

4. Demand to speak to your employer: It’s possible to have direct interactions with your employer before you leave your country. Getting to know him or her prior to your arrival will give you assurance on the type of personality you’re about to stay with.

5. How much is your salary and term of employment? It’s not too much to know your weekly or monthly wages in advance. Knowing it will let you know if living in your country does worth it.

On your day of departure from Nigeria please note these important points:
1. Make sure you arrive early to the Airport, possibly prior to the start of the Airline’s check-in activities.
2. If there is a queue, be sure you’re on the line, do not engage in any frivolous sidewalk or photograph with friends. Those distractions may be costly later.
3. As soon as you checked in your luggage and obtain your boarding pass go straight to the immigration departure counters.
4. Avoid reaching the Immigration departure counters late, often the time when a passenger arrived the departure counters late, realistically it’s common to meet long queues especially late in the evening when many Airline’s fonds of flying.
5. Lateness and long queues may lead to missing your flight.
6. The downside of missing flight besides the psychological aspect, there is ready-made Airline and Airport additional charges whenever you’re scheduled to travel.


When you disembark from the aeroplane, before reaching the Immigration Arrival counters, please note these points:
1. If you’re on a short visit, be sure you travel light. Do not carry large luggage. Having many suitcases may send a wrong message to security personnel that you have the intention of staying for a longer period, this act may lead to refuse entry.
2. Be sure your passport, return ticket, health certificate, basic travelling allowance are in your hand luggage to avoid embarrassment or delay in waiting for your suitcases.
3. Make sure you know the address of the place you’re visiting or the name of your host, the Immigration authority may demand them.
3. Do not render any assistance of carrying anything for anyone it could be dangerous.
4. Avoid making friends with a stranger until you reach outside the airport. The distraction could be costly.

After concluding the arrival formalities and you step outside the airport to move to your destination. Avoid using chattered taxis. In some places, they are an avenue for exploitation and risk. Ask for public transport. If the shuttle buses are not pre-booked go for them. Going with the majority is better than travel alone as a stranger.

If you have pre-arranged accommodation or your sponsor is on the ground to take you along there is no problem. However, if you do not have an accommodation arrangement, simply ask the accommodation providers to assist you. Organisations such as,,, etc are on the ground to assist you with accommodation that suits your needs.

Because most travellers from Nigeria are travelling for employment or business reasons it is better to guide you through on:
1. Whatever the business taking you to the Sultanate Kingdom of Oman be it visiting, touring, holidaying, business, studies or employment bear in mind that you must have a sponsor

What’s the function of a sponsor?
According to the Omani system, a sponsor stands as a guardian and guarantor. The beauty of the system is that a sponsor assists and acts on behalf of an immigrant to do and complete all the paperwork which the immigrant may find difficult to undertake all alone. Getting started in Oman become easy due to the background duties of a sponsor.
The drawback to the system is that a foreigner must surrender all rights to the sponsor, and it’s open to abuse and you have nobody to complain

As an African woman, the best area you can easily get a job is the domestic arena. This is an area you can get a job but be ready to compete with the ladies from the Philippines, they’re many here and expect some employers to be harsh and pay poor wages.
For men who are well qualified in Information technology such as software engineering and developers are in huge demand. Area such as maintenance engineering and health care professionals are also in demand.

Very important for men only. If you are a professional English teacher who is interested in working in an Arab country look no further, pack your bag and head for Oman, your skill is in high demand in this rich country. Currently, English teachers are in great demand because most private school curricular in Oman are taught in English. Coming from a country with British English as the official language may give you an advantage, presently most of their English teachers come from adjacent Arab countries.
All you need is a sponsor to get you a work visa and later a residence permit.

Oman like most Middle East countries has a warm climate. The weather is usually very hot between June and August. It’s advisable to avoid going out in the afternoon during the Omani summer. The weather is always very unbearable in the summer. The best time to visit is from October to April.

The currency used in Oman is Omani Rial
1 Omani Rial has equalled 935.91 Nigeria Naira.
1 Omani Rial is equalled to 2.60 United States Dollars.

That’s all I can tell you right now on Travel to Oman from Nigeria step by step guide for more information you may contact this website.


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