Best Alternative Countries To A Schengen Visa

Are You Having Problems Travelling to Europe Or Getting A Schengen Visa? Try These Alternative Countries you will not be disappointed.

Thinking of a less problematic country you can travel from West Africa without the hassle of a Schengen visa. Nowadays, large numbers of people interested in travelling to Europe or North America purposely to go on vacation for a short while but they have a herculean task of securing an entry visa.

Here we present to you alternative countries you can go on vacation in which you will not have much difficulty in getting an entry visa, alternatively, you may enter with only a visa on arrival.



Turkey a majorly European country situated at the intersection of East and Southern Europe, the Middle East, Western Asia and North Africa is a popular destination for many people across Africa. The reasons stem from various angles.

1. Turkish visa is easier to obtain, until recently, Nigerians travelling to Turkey and staying less than 90 days can obtain a Turkish visa online, without the hassle of visiting the Turkish embassy. However, due to various negative complaints by Turkish authorities, most applicants from Nigeria are now applying for a Turkish visa through the Embassy. Notwithstanding, the visa is not difficult to get.


Surprised to see the United Kingdom on our list well it’s marvellous to let you know that the United Kingdom is no more a Schengen visa and no longer burgled down by the Schengen zone bottlenecks rules.

Unlike in the past when getting a United Kingdom visa was cumbersome, nowadays processing a UK visa is straightforward and attending their visa interview is very interesting and exciting right from the gate to the interview point.

If you meet their requirements which are not draconian, unlike the Schengen visa rules you can be sure of getting a visa in less than four weeks.


An Eastern European country located at the intersection between Eastern Europe and Western Asia is a country that presented you with an easier entry short-stay visa without much stress.

1. Because Georgia embassies are not available in many countries, her Foreign Affairs Ministry launched an e-visa portal that enables short-term visitors to obtain a visa effortlessly.
2. You can process and obtain your visa anywhere there are Internet connections.
3. You do not need an appointment or a visit to their embassy.
4. Filling out forms and uploading your documents are done on the net.

5. You do not need to forward your original international passport. All you need is to scan the data page of your passport.

6. The entire processing takes only a few days and you’re ready for your visit to the majorly Western Asian country but on the map is an Eastern European country.

Please be aware that while the country is safe and exciting to visit, there are a few miscreants living in Georgia who may constitute a nuisance if you relate with them. Unfortunately, most of them are foreign immigrants living illegally and some are from your country, therefore be very careful when you’re in Tbilisi especially.


Iran an exciting country in the Middle East located in Western Asia is a country you can visit without the hassle associated with processing, obtaining and frustrating experience in entering a Schengen zone.

Strangely, most potential travellers from Africa especially Nigerians usually focused on Western European countries whereas Iran is there waiting to surprise visitors without discrimination or entry restrictions. If you choose Iran you can process their short stay visa online and the visa requirements are not difficult to acquire.

Iran is operating a vibrant electronic visa system, the system allows the applicant to apply online and have easier access.  The Iranian electronic visa is non-discriminatory and all it takes is to submit your application online and you are granted approval within 10 working days. Like most Iranian procedures the process is not cumbersome but straightforward for you to undertake.


Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, international tourists focusing on Russia, especially from Western countries were reduced to the barest minimum. Expectedly, anyone from Africa applying for a Russian visa from Nigeria should expect favourable responses in that the rate of visa applications to Russia has drastically reduced. Therefore, if you’re interested in visiting the largest country in the Eastern world, the best time to apply for a Russian visa is now because you stand a better chance of getting it without much stress.

Russia operates a unified electronic visa system that is specifically for 53 countries (before the war )and has 60 days validity and is used for travelling to different regions of the Russian Federation. The evisa is granted for business, tourism, sporting events, cultural activities etc.

Any eligible applicant is expected to apply online by visiting the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.


Belarus a landlocked country in East-Central Europe is an interesting place to visit in that you can easily connect with many European countries from Belarus because it shares borders with five countries as follows: Lithuania and Latvia to the north, Russia to the east and north, Ukraine to the south and Poland to the west. With all these advantages getting a Belarus visa in Nigeria is not difficult, all you need is to get your passport and complete the online visa application form, submit and wait for a few days.


Malaysia, a Southern Asian country standout when looking for the best alternative countries for a Schengen visa, in that, it is a country to be emulated when it comes to visa-free entry in that the country enables many countries to enter through the visa-free or visa-on-arrival policy.  It is heartwarming to know that the electronic visa system is working well and those assessing it online are getting through without difficulty.
Malaysia allows many countries that are not visa-free to Malaysia to apply online for its electronic visa. The evisa allows any successful visitor to stay for 30 days on entry and it is valid for 3 months from the day of issuance.

Moldova, a small country located in Eastern Europe and shared border largely with Ukraine is an exciting alternative country to a Schengen visa, which is not difficult to acquire.
The Moldova electronic visa was introduced in 2015 to make the processing of its visa handling simplified, thereby eliminating the wasting of time visiting Embassies. Most of its short-term visas are handled online. An eligible foreign citizen can get tourist, business, cultural, official etc online and enter through evisa on arrival.

The processing of the evisa takes 10 days and the approval is sent to the applicant’s email. The online evisa enables the holder to stay in Moldova for 90 days


For anyone interested in visiting an exciting country in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia the country playing host to the two holy sites is worth consideration.
Saudi Arabia operates a modern electronic visa system and is one of the fastest online visas in the world currently. While you need about two working days to obtain a visa at the traditional Saudi Arabia embassy. All it takes to get the evisa after submission is five to thirty minutes in most cases. An incredible achievement.
The Saudi Arabia evisa is good for tourism which anyone going on Umrah or lesser Hajj can utilise. The evisa enables the person multiple entries into Saudi Arabia and the holder is permitted to stay in the country for a total of 90 days.


The beautiful Island country of the Maldives located in Southern Asia is a country that is totally liberal in entry visa policy. Being a tourist-oriented country Maldives operates a visa-on-arrival system which requires no pre-approval visa for anyone coming in on tourism. Astonishingly, citizens of all countries who come into the country as a tourist get a free tourist visa on arrival valid for 30 days. Incredible, what are you waiting for?

That’s all for now on the best alternative countries to a Schengen visa for more information you can contact this website.


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