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Sometimes in July 1980, I travelled to Sofia, Bulgaria, by Balkan Bulgaria Airline. On getting to Sofia airport, despite the fact that I was having a visiting visa,  I was pleasantly surprised when an immigration control officer told me I shouldn’t have come with a visa because Nigerians don’t need a visa to enter Bulgaria. Everywhere I went, I was treated like a king. That was then, presently if you are travelling to Bulgaria you have to obtain a visa, and you may need to locate the Bulgarian Embassy in Nigeria for consular inquiries and other matters on what is obtainable in Bulgaria, be it Business, Tourism, Studies, Researching, Medical or family reunion.



  • ABUJA.
    No. 10, Euphrates Street,
    Off Aminu Kano Crescent,
    Bulgaria Embassy in Lagos.
    No. 3, Walter Carrington Crescent,
    Victoria Island,
    Telephone numbers: +234 1 261 1931, +234 1 261 1932
    Fax number:+234 1 261 9879
    Email address: bulgarian@hyperia.com


1. Transit visa Called Visa A. This is the type of visa designed for travellers on a stopover and transiting to another country. The holder can stay for a maximum of five days.
2. Short stay visa called visa C. The holder is allowed to stay for a maximum of 90 days, such as Business visa, visiting visa, Tourist visa, Conference visa, Cultural visa etc
3. Long-term visa called visa D. This is a type of Visa that enables the holder to stay beyond 90 days, such as Student visa, Employment visa, and Family reunion visa. Any applicant for a type D visa must be ready to attend a compulsory interview.



  • 1. The foremost thing to do is to download the visa application form you can obtain the form by visiting the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry website: https://www.mfa.bg/en/pages/view/93
  • 2. Printout a hard copy and carefully fill in your details in capital letters.
  • 3. Attach the following documents:
    • 1. An International passport with at least six months validity and unused visa pages.
    • 2. Two recently acquired passport sized photograph with white background.
      3. Health insurance certificate with a minimum coverage of € 30,000, issued by a reputable insurance company in Nigeria.
    • 4. Confirmed hotel reservation.
    • 5. Evidence of flight booking indicating the airline, departure, and arrival in Bulgaria.
    • 6. Evidence of sufficient funds to finance you for the entire period you’re to stay in Bulgaria
    • 7. Bank Statement of account for the last 3 months duly signed by your bank.
    • 8. Letter of introduction from your employer, your leave letter and an identity card (if you’re an employee)
    • 9. Visa application form for an under-age person travelling unaccompanied or with a parent must be submitted by the applicant’s parent or guardian and shall include the child’s birth certificate and the data pages of the parent’s international passport or identity card


Additional requirement for an applicant who is applying for visiting visa

1. Letter of invitation from the person inviting you to Bulgaria
2. Proof that the letter is duly authorized by the Local Office of the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior.
3. Evidence of accommodation arranged by the person inviting you.

Additional requirement for a business traveller

1. Letter of invitation from your business partner in Bulgaria.
2. Evidence that the letter is duly endorsed and authorized by the Local Office of Bulgarian Ministry of Interior.
3. Letter of introduction from your company or organization.
4. Evidence of Financial Status and recent commercial activities of your company, bank statements, tax returns, invoices etc.
5. Evidence of accommodation arrangement by your partner (if he is the one to provide accommodation )

Additional requirements for a Student visa applicant

I. Letter of Admission from the Ministry of Education or University in Bulgaria.
2. Letter of guarantee from the person or organization sponsoring you together with evidence of financial capabilities to see you through the programme. Such as Bank statement of account duly endorsed by the Bank and legalized by the Nigeria Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
3. Letter of hostel confirmation from the University of Bulgaria, or any private accommodation arrangement made in advance.
4. Police character clearance certificate, issued at the Police headquarters and legalized by the Nigeria Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
5. Two recently taken passport-sized photograph.


After the collation of all the required documents you have to take note of the following points:
1. Be sure that you completed the visa application form by including all your details without leaving a space unfilled.
2. Be sure the form is duly signed by you.
3. Be sure you submit your application form and the required documents personally.
4. Be sure you submit yourself for biometric formality (if required)
5. Be sure you apply for an interview and allows at least ten days before your travel.

6. Importantly,  be sure you pay the visa application processing fee

These are what you need to know in processing most of the Bulgarian visa, for further information on Bulgaria and how to process their different types of Visa you can contact this website.


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