In this piece, we shall explain to you Mexico Embassy in Nigeria, Visa services information. Travelling to Mexico connotes multi-dimensional advantages to very many sojourners, in that it serves as a gateway to their dreams and it’s also a place to start a new life.

Whatever your motive or reasons for going to Mexico, you need a visa to enter, hence our reasons for putting this piece together for your information.


  • Embassy of Mexico,
    No. 39, USA a Street,
  • Telephone number: +234 9 462 0630
    +234 9 462 0632
  • The email address of the Mexico Embassy in Nigeria: [email protected]
    Their website address is:


The foremost thing to do if you intend to apply for Visa to Mexico in Nigeria is to book an appointment online.
1. Process the online booking through the Mexico Embassy in Nigeria official website:
2. When booking online, it’s advisable to book well ahead of time of your proposed travel to avoid disappointment.
3. If your booking is successful you will be given a letter of confirmation
4. Take the confirmation letter to the Mexican Embassy on the day you selected.
5. The next step is to present the letter of confirmation with all your supporting documents for your visa.
6. All the documents you’re submitting must come with a set of photocopies.
7. Also, you must pay the visa application fee of $36 in local currency equivalent at the designated UBA plc.
8. All your documents must be submitted personally because you need image capturing and do the fingerprinting process at the point of submission.


The following documents are required for the processing of your visa

1. International passport with six months validity with unused visa pages.
2. A passport-sized photograph with white background
3. Basic travelling allowance, sufficient for the duration of your stay in Mexico
4. Recently acquired 3 months bank statement of account duly signed by the Bank authority with reasonable balance.
5. Evidence of hotel reservation
6. Confirmed return ticket
7. Proof of a landed property owned by you
8. Letter of introduction from your employer proofing that you have permanent employment with a steady income.
9. For a business person or someone invited by an organisation in Mexico, an official letter indicating full immigration responsibility must be attached.
10.  An underage person travelling alone or accompany parents must submit, Birth certificate, Letter of consent from the parent, the parent’s passport data page, or National identity card is required.


It’s very important to disabuse the mind of some potential travellers to Mexico about the complexity of obtaining a Mexican visa in Nigeria. Many people erroneous believe that American, Canadian, or European Union visas are prerequisites for Mexico visas. However, our findings show that you can obtain a Mexican visa without having those aforementioned visas, provided you meet the Mexico Embassy in Nigeria requirements for the visa. Holder of American, Canadian, and E. U. Visas only enjoy preferential treatment.
Secondly, Mexico is not a dangerous place to visit or live. You only need to find out (before checking out ) about the area you intend to transact business or visit. Many areas are peaceful and there is some volatile area,  such as the north.
Mexico is a diverse society and it’s a place some senior citizens are choosing for their retirement.

That’s all for now on Mexico Embassy in Nigeria Visa services information.


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