Regardless of your reasons for travelling to Dubai, getting the visa is not difficult if you follow our piece Travel to Dubai from Ghana step by step guide meticulously.

WHT Dubai?
Nowadays many people from West Africa especially Ghanaians and Nigerians travel to Dubai for divergent reasons span from Business, Studies, Medical, Relocating, Vacationing, Touring Visiting Working, a lot of people are trooping to Dubai on daily basis.

Dubai is a popular destination for foreigners because of some people’s assumption that whatever you need you will get it in Dubai. Fast business connections, vacationing, honeymoon, shopping, quick employment opportunities, researching and relocating Dubai has it all, you get quick solutions in a unique way.

No, any ordinary Ghanaian interested in travelling to Dubai must process an entry visa because the visa is a prerequisite for entering the United Arab Emirates. Please note further that Ghana is not one of the countries that UAE allows visa-free or visa on arrival.

In other to obtain a Dubai visa this is how to go about it:
1. For an intending Ghanaian traveller on a short visit to Dubai, you have the freedom of applying for a Dubai visa through Emirates in Ghana without the hassle of looking for a sponsor in Dubai.
All you need to do is download the UAE visa application form online, carefully complete the form, pay the appropriate visa fees and submit them to:
Emirates Airline,
Ground floor,
Meridian House,
Ring Road Central,
You can inquire further by calling this number: +233 302 213 131


For different types of visas, you can apply through the VFS GLOBAL Ghana.
To be eligible for a Dubai visa you should be able to certify or provide the following requirements:
1. Download the Dubai visa application form
2. Fill in your details as truthful as possible.
3. Attach the following documents:
1. Your International passport with at least 6 months validity.

2. Two recently taken passport sized coloured photographs with white background. The photographs must come in 4.3cm by 5.5cm. Endeavour to write your name and passport number at the rear.

3. Proof of a confirmed airline ticket.

4. Photocopy of the data page of your passport.

5. Travel records: Proof of travel records. If you have been to such places as UAE, USA, UK, Australia, Canada or Schengen countries may be advantageous to fast track your application.

6. Duly endorsed a letter from your Bank indicate that you have enough funds to finance your trip throughout your stay in Dubai.

7. Original copy of your Bank account statement for the last 6 months duly signed by the Bank.

8. An employee going on vacation should provide a letter of leave from his employer indicating the designation and the duration of your leave.

9. Additional requirements for an applicant travelling on the invitation.
– Letter of invitation from a friend or relative legally residing in Dubai
– The person inviting you should provide a copy of his residence permit and the Labour Contract attested by the Emirates Commercial Visa Section in Dubai.

10. Anyone travelling to meet a husband or wife should produce an original marriage certificate.
11. An underage person travelling unaccompanied or accompanied by parents should produce a birth certificate and a letter of consent from both parents.
Photocopy of the parent’s identity cards or residence permit must be attached.

12. Additional requirements for anyone going as a Student
– Original letter of admission or acceptance of an offer from a recognised College or University in Dubai.
– Proof of payment of school fees.
– Proof of having sufficient funds to finance your studies while in Dubai.
– Your birth certificate.
– If you’re under sponsorship – Letter of sponsorship from your parents or guardian.
– All the academic credentials used in processing the admission.
– An attestation letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

13. Additional requirements for anyone going for medical treatment
– Original letter of medical appointment from a hospital in Dubai
– An official letter explaining that the Hospital is ready and capable of performing the medical treatment the person is searching for in Dubai.
– A written report from your personal doctor in Ghana explaining the reasons for urgent medical treatment in Dubai.
– Evidence of advanced payment for the treatment.
– Proof of accommodation and insurance coverage.

14. In all cases, a copy of the Ghanaian national identity card must be attached.


After the compilation of the necessary required documents, you’re to submit them personally at the Dubai Visa Application Centre.

Please note the following points before submission:

1. Pay the stipulated visa processing fee and the biometrics charges.
2. Do the biometric fingerprint scans and other formalities.
3. Ensure all the documents you’re submitting are authentic and complete to specifications.
4. Enquire if you require an interview and the exact date.
5. Make sure you submit your application far ahead of your scheduled trip, to allow the embassy to take action, especially if you’re applying for Student or work visas.


The only realistic and fastest way to get to Dubai from Ghana is by flight any other ways are mere fantasy.

There are many Airlines operating flights from Accra to Dubai. Currently, you have about 7 direct flights from Accra to Dubai. If you did not box yourself in with the Emirates Airline offer, you can search for cheaper flights.
Airlines such as Egyptair and Kenya offers cheaper rates, Furthermore, if you’re on a budget or looking for ways to get a better price you can book your flight ticket well in advance especially choose days such as Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays to book your ticket.

If your reason for travelling to Dubai is tourism, vacation, honeymoon, shopping, medical or business you’re good to go, however, if you’re going for employment or already secured a job,  please take note of the following:

1. The sponsorship system: Most Arab countries believed in the sponsorship way of employing foreigners, therefore if you intend to go for a job, be careful about whom you choose as a sponsor. Ideally, your employer should be your sponsor.

2. Do not allow an agent to dominate your life. If you surrender everything to an agent, you will end up being a slave.

3. If you process a work visa endeavour to speak to your would-be employer before you depart for Dubai. Getting to know him/her will do you a lot of good.

4. If you are in doubt of your mission to Dubai, it is better you travel with a tourist visa for a fact-finding purpose. It’s possible to travel to Dubai to search for a job. If you’re lucky to get a job you may return to Ghana and process a work visa.

5. Understand the CABLE Visa: This is the type of visa that’s produced electronically and forwarded to a visa applicant’s email.
If you are going for employment and you have a Cable visa, be sure you find a person who can interpret the visa if it was written in a language you don’t understand.

6. If you travel with a visiting visa when you are going for a job, you may find it difficult to extend the visa.

1. Be careful with your passport and other travel documents. An abnormal practice synonymous with Dubai is the system of taking a foreigner’s passport which may make it difficult for the immigrant to change employment. If you enter into a contract be careful not to allow them to take away your travel document because you will find it difficult to leave if you are not satisfied with the condition of service.

2. even though Dubai is fastly looking westernized, realistically it is an Islamic country therefore if you want to enjoy your stay respect their way of life. Indecent dressing, drinking Alcohol or eating in the open during Ramadan fasting may lead you into trouble while homosexuality or prostitution may earn you jail.


After the acquisition of your visa, please note these points before departing:
1. Ensure you depart before the expiration of your travel documents.
2. On your day of departure be sure you arrive at the Airport early prior to the commencement of the Airline’s check-in activities.
3. As soon as you arrive at the airport desist from engaging in any frivolous activities if there is a queue quickly join.
4. After checking in your luggage and obtained the boarding pass move straight to the immigration departure counters.
5. Avoid reaching the Immigration departure counters late to avoid long queues which sometimes may lead to the missing flight.
6. Remember if you miss your flight it will definitely attract extra charges from the Airline and the Airport Authority.

After disembarking from the Aeroplane note the following before approaching the Immigration Arrival clearance counters:

1. Ensure you did not travel with large luggage, having many suitcases may send a wrong signer that you have the intention of staying for a longer period, which could lead to refuse entry.

2. Make sure you travel with a valid and easy to recognize e-passport. (Recently a young lady was sent back to Nigeria from Dubai airport because an overzealous or ignorant security officer did not recognize the new Nigeria 64 Pages passport.)

3. Be sure you have your passport, return ticket, health certificate and the basic travelling allowance in your hand luggage to avoid embarrassment.

4. Do not assist anyone in carrying anything no matter the person’s condition it could be very risky.

5. Avoid making friends with strangers until you complete the arrival procedures and step out of the Airport.


Taking transport out of the Airport to the city centre, you have three options, you can go by bus, taxi or underground train which is the fastest and the best. The ticket price range from USD2. Avoid Airport taxis they’re very expensive.


There are cheaper accommodations scattered around Dubai, we don’t usually recommend the hotel to anyone, the best way to tackle accommodation problem is to allow the accommodation professionals to search for a place that suits your pockets.,, etc will be of help in this regard.
For any young person who is not having much money, we advise you strongly to enquire about Hostels. If available they’re an inexpensive and easy way to make friends.

The currency is called Dirham (AED) Arab Emirate Dirham.
The popular foreign currency is the US dollar.
1 US dollar equals 3.67 Dirham.

Have a wonderful trip to Dubai, ironically it’s not the capital city of the United Arab Emirates but it’s the most visited and the most famous.

That’s all I can tell for now on Travel to Dubai from Ghana step by step guide.


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